Below you will find driving directions to Black Rock City, coming from all points on the compass. Some GPS apps may direct you to take unpaved roads and highways in rural Nevada. Stick to paved highways or risk some major tire blow-outs and getting stranded. If local conditions require rerouting off major routes, there will be signage to direct you. Every year we get a few dozen people coming from Winnemucca westbound on Jungo Road. While fine for locals, Jungo Road is not recommended for passenger vehicles or RVs. Please don’t take it.

From the West & Southwest

Route 1: From Reno take I-80 east 28 miles. Take the Wadsworth/Pyramid Lake Exit #43 to Hwy 447. Turn left — you can get gas here. Go north 1 mile to Wadsworth and turn left on Hwy 447. It’s 75 miles to Gerlach.

Route 2: From Reno take I-80 east 4 miles. Take Exit #18 to Pyramid Way/ Hwy 445. Turn left and travel north 31 miles. At Pyramid Lake, turn right on Hwy 446, and go east 12 miles to Nixon — you can get gas here. Turn left on Hwy 447, traveling north. It’s 59 miles to Gerlach. *Note for 2023: watch for possible construction on Hwy 447, which may impact travel along this road.

From the Southeast

From Fallon, take Hwy 50 west 31 miles to Fernley. Drive through Fernley to Hwy 427. Stay on 427 for 5 miles to Wadsworth. Turn right onto Hwy 447. It’s 75 miles to Gerlach.

From the North

From US 395, go 25 miles east on Hwy 299 to downtown Cedarville. This is the last opportunity to fill up on gas, supplies, and services until Gerlach. From downtown go south onto County Rd 1/Hwy 447 for 84 miles to Gerlach. Before entering Gerlach, turn left on Hwy 34 and it’s 8 miles to the Burning Man entrance.

From the East

From Winnemucca, take I-80 for 130 miles to Fernley. Take Exit #46. You can get gas and supplies here. Turn right onto Hwy 427. Travel 5 miles to Wadsworth. Turn right onto Hwy 447. It’s 75 miles to Gerlach. The other route from Winnemucca — Jungo Road — is a very treacherous dirt road, with easy-to-miss turns, and it is likely to cause a flat tire or worse. Please don’t try this route.

From Gerlach to Black Rock City

From Gerlach, go west on Hwy 447 to the fork. Take the right-hand fork, County Road 34, and continue eight miles to the 8-Mile Burning Man entrance. The 3-Mile playa entrance (first turn-off) is NOT an entrance to Burning Man. The 12-mile playa entrance, just beyond 8-Mile, will also not take you to Burning Man. The 3-Mile and 12-Mile entrances will be patrolled by BLM Rangers.