This Survival Guide is essential reading for every participant — first timers and veterans alike — read it carefully! You can peruse it online or download a pdf to your device for offline reading. Browse the menus above to find specific information, or find more details by checking out the Preparation section of the Burning Man website.

Burning Man is not a festival. Burning Man is a community. A temporary city. A global cultural movement based on 10 practical Principles. We don’t book acts or provide entertainment. There are no corporate sponsorships. What happens here is up to you! Commercial activity, including branding and marketing, is not allowed. You are entering a “decommodified” space that values who you are, not what you have. Black Rock City is not the place to increase your online following or generate media attention for your ideas, your business, or yourself. You are expected to collaborate, to be inclusive, creative and connective, and to clean up after yourself. Participate actively as a citizen of Black Rock City.

The Long-awaited Return to Black Rock City

After a two-year hiatus and three years since we’ve cavorted in the dust together, returning to Black Rock City truly involves each and every one of us. (That means you! And you, and you.) While living through a global pandemic has challenged us collectively and individually, the fabric of our community is as strong as ever. We, and the world, need Burning Man and Black Rock City more than ever.

You may notice some big changes in Black Rock City this year.

As we move ahead on the 2030 Sustainability Roadmap, sustainability projects are taking center stage. Keep an eye out as you ride your bike through the city — you will see a new solar-powered Man, fewer gas and diesel generators, and more solar power and battery technologies; You may also notice that camps, events, and art projects have changed how they do things to lighten their impact on the planet’s ecosystems.

This year you may encounter new theme camps led by Burners of Color, more events on topics related to diversity and Radical Inclusion, and, we hope, a more diverse citizenry. Onward, towards a more Radically Inclusive and equitable Black Rock City!

As our city has evolved, and as Burning Man culture has gained more attention, the need to protect our ephemeral city from commerce and commodification has grown even more pressing. As a result, we’re trying out some new things this year:

1) We will not be selling coffee (or anything else!) at the Center Camp Café. (The café is being reinvented as an expanded space for art, performance, and engagement — so head on over!)

2) There will be no delivered housing in Black Rock City, as RVs, trailers and other forms of mobile housing are often used as a backbone for convenience camps.

It’s all happening! After several long years, we are going Home. It’s time to resume our Waking Dreams and look to the future we’ll build together. Read on, intrepid Burner, for need-to-know information on planning for, co-creating, and cohabiting in Black Rock City 2022.