Mutant Vehicle drivers, and those requiring an Accessibility Vehicle license, must pre-register with the DMV. Mutant Vehicles must meet certain criteria to be licensed. All registrations take place pre-event. You are required to show your acceptance letter to Gate staff upon entering BRC. Those not pre-approved will not be let into BRC! Mutant Vehicles must also comply with the Sound Policy posted on the Burning Man website.

BAIT – Burn Area Imprecise Transit

BAIT is a voluntary program where Mutant Vehicles drive along predetermined routes through Black Rock City, out to the Man and the Temple.  

The five color-coded routes have BAIT stops along 3:00, 4:30, 7:30, 9:00 streets at L, J, G, E, B, Esplanade, The Man and The Temple, as well as a route starting at Center Camp. Mutant vehicles will return on the same route. Each route will take between 60-90 minutes roundtrip.

Each BAIT stop will have a sign indicating the approximate times Mutant Vehicles will come along that route giving rides.