Medical crews, fire trucks, Black Rock Rangers, and participants rely on street signs to navigate our city when responding to emergencies, and participants count on them to find their way around. All signs must remain in place through the Temple Burn on Sunday night. Seriously, folks, we need your help stopping the rampant theft of street signs early in the event. Recently signs are being stolen right when the Gate opens. If you see this happening, say something — this is your city!

Some years ago, participants spontaneously improvised street signs to make it possible to navigate the city in the absence of the originals. If you see a signpost missing its sign, use some cardboard, a marker, and some duct tape to make a legible replacement. It will not only help your friends find your camp, it will help all of the emergency responders and will be of great help to your fellow citizens of Black Rock City. It’s a small act that makes a big difference.