• Exceeding posted speed limits on the playa may result in a traffic stop and could escalate to a vehicle search (depending on the circumstances), and a moving violation of $250 or more.
  • BLM regulations require all motorized vehicles driven at night, except for Mutant Vehicles and authorized golf carts, to have two working headlights, two working tail lights, and two working brake lights. Motor vehicles must display an unobstructed rear license plate.
  • All vehicles must have a current registration sticker and insurance. All drivers must have their driver’s license on them when operating any vehicle.
  • You may only enter and exit the event site through the Gate. You may not enter or drive around the closed zone surrounding the event site except to approach the main Gate.
  • Do not attempt to break through our city boundaries or avoid traffic at the conclusion of the event by driving around looking for an alternative route.
  • Hiking in the closure order area (see closure order map above) is highly discouraged. Those on foot in this area should be prepared to show a ticket stub or risk citation by law enforcement.
  • Visiting the hot springs during the event is not allowed.
  • A copy of the closure order is made available at the BLM Mobile Command station at 5:30 and Esplanade.

Please Respect Law Enforcement, Especially if You’re Stopped for Questioning

Law enforcement is as necessary in Black Rock City as it is everywhere else. The event could not happen without the valuable work that the various law enforcement agencies perform. Please respect law enforcement as integral members of our community. If you are stopped by law enforcement for questioning, please comport yourself responsibly. Failure to follow instructions could lead to your arrest.

Interfering with law enforcement during a stop, investigation, or at any time is considered an offense. Even though you may want to help your friend or the driver of your vehicle, please be mindful of staying calm, cooperating, and speaking respectfully to law enforcement officers. Don’t escalate the situation by arguing, being agitated, or gathering too closely around an incident. If you’re asked to back away, do it.