The Black Rock Desert is a place unlike any other — a wide expanse of possibility set in the heart of one of the most scenic, culturally rich, scientifically important and yet least-known public lands in the country. The Black Rock Desert-High Rock Canyon Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area is part of the nation’s prized National Conservation Lands, a special designation given by the U.S. Government. We are grateful for this stunningly beautiful location and are equally committed to respecting and protecting this special place.

Black Rock City is the largest Leave No Trace (LNT) event in the world, and Leaving No Trace is one of our shared Principles. Our community takes a great deal of pride in setting this example on a global scale. You can see the outcomes of our LNT  commitment everywhere in Black Rock City. 

There is no garbage collection service in BRC. It is up to each of us to remove all Matter Out of Place (MOOP) from our camps and our city. Our permit with BLM allows us a short period of time to restore the playa to its original condition. We can only satisfy BLM stipulations and pass inspection if ALL citizens share the responsibility of Leaving No Trace by MOOP sweeping our camps, art projects, and beloved Black Rock City.

Everything you bring out to the playa can become Matter Out of Place: tent stakes, bottle caps, ashes, wood debris, orange peels, cigarette butts, pistachio shells, rope fibers, sequins — even bicycles. It all has to return home with you. Pack it in. Pack it out. Whether on the Black Rock Desert or beyond, Leaving No Trace demonstrates our community’s commitment to the environment.