Tickets for kids 12 and under

Children 12 years old and under need their own no-cost print-at-home Kid’s Ticket. Each ticket is unique and cannot be duplicated. If you’re bringing more than one child you’ll need to order one for each child. Be sure to print out each one before you leave home, and bring them with you. Kids under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to enter the event. Kid’s Tickets are only valid for use along with a valid adult Burning Man ticket or credential. 

Print-at-home tickets for kids will be available on the ticketing page starting mid-July.

F.U.N. Child Identification Program

The Family Unification Network (FUN) program allows families to register at the Black Rock Ranger HQ on Esplanade and 5:45. Each registered child receives a wristband with a unique serial number identifying the child, guardians, and camp location. Should your child become separated from you, all they have to do is find a Black Rock Ranger, or anyone with a staff radio, and let that person know they need to find their family. The wristband’s unique serial number will facilitate a speedy reunion. Come by Ranger HQ at 5:45 and Esplanade to sign up anytime, but try to avoid times near noon, 6 pm and midnight due to shift changes.

  • Pro tip: Introducing your kids to a random roaming Black Rock Ranger is a good way to let them know how to find help in a pinch, and gives them experience speaking to a trusted adult with a radio.