Are you thinking about handing out ice cream or smoothies, or offering a pancake stack slathered in butter and syrup? You’ll need a permit. To reduce the risk of foodborne illness on the playa, the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH) has food safety guidelines and permit requirements for camps serving food or beverages. 

You must be permitted as a Temporary Food Establishment with DPBH if:

  • You plan to share, give, or serve food or beverages to the general BRC population; or
  • You will be serving food to more than 125 fellow campers in your camp

Note: If you have a communal kitchen shared by 125 or more campers but meals are prepared individually or in smaller quantities than for 125 persons, a permit is not required. 

No matter what your camp size, we highly recommend you review the guidelines for safe food handling on the DPBH website

Permit Application

Applications may be obtained by applying online or by mail. Applying by mail is more complicated and time consuming, but highly preferred for international applicants. DPBH can guide you through the process if you need help. 

Instructions and the application are available on the DPBH website.

  • Applications must be received by close of business day, August 11, 2023
  • DPBH does not issue permits at Playa Info!

Picking up the Permit

The Environmental Health Section has until August 18, 2023 to review your application.

When you are approved, a Tentative Approval will be emailed to you. When you arrive at the event, and before food service begins, visit the Playa Info area at Center Camp to pick up the physical copy of your permit.

Permits Must be picked up before food service begins, in Center Camp at Playa Info.

Dates and Times:

  • Saturday, 08/26/2023, 11AM-5PM
  • Sunday, 08/27/2023, 11AM-5PM
  • Monday, 08/28/2023, 11AM-5PM
  • Tuesday, 08/29/2023, 11AM-5PM
  • Wednesday, 08/30/2023, 11AM-5PM


 Additional questions: Please contact the DPBH at 775-684-5280 or email