Cultural course correcting

Recent challenges are threatening the fabric of our community: people using photos from Black Rock City to promote products and businesses, exclusivity on mutant vehicles and in theme camps, issues with Matter Out of Place (MOOP), and participants showing up not prepared to live in a harsh desert environment or not prepared to contribute.

We must work together to preserve and protect the ethos that defines Burning Man and sets it apart from music festivals and other mass-produced events. Whether it’s your first time in BRC, or you haven’t gotten the playa dust out of your fun fur coats from the past 20 years, we need your help.

1. Find a way to contribute.
2. Come prepared.
3. Be kind to yourself and others.
4. Leave No Trace.

The future of the event depends on this, and on you. Do your part!

Put your phone away! Immediacy is one of the 10 Principles and key to the Burning Man experience. We seek to remove barriers that stand between ourselves and what’s around us, including our fellow citizens and the natural world. In today’s highly connected world, we can all benefit from taking one week to unplug and be fully present.