Driving Safety: 5 mph in BRC

The speed limit in BRC is 5 mph at all times — that’s reeeaaaallly slow!. Pedestrians and bicycles have the right of way over motor vehicles. Mutant Vehicle artists, operators, and passengers must comply with safety standards, including the physical and mechanical integrity of vehicles and adherence to driving rules. Passengers may only get on or off a vehicle that is completely stopped. Vehicles are prohibited from driving on the Esplanade, A Street, the promenades from the city to the Man and the Temple, and inside the perimeter around the Man.


Motorcycles are only allowed in BRC if they were your sole means of transportation to BRC, and must be parked at your campsite for the duration of your stay. Participants bringing motorcycles that aren’t their sole means of transportation will be asked to turn around at the Gate.

Electric-Assist Bikes

Electric-assist bikes are allowed on playa, but you must obey the 5 mph vehicle speed limit and they must conform to the following specifications (from Nevada state law):

“Electric bicycle” means a device upon which a person may ride, having two or three wheels, or every such device generally recognized as a bicycle that has fully operable pedals and is propelled by a small electric engine that produces not more than 1 gross brake horsepower and which produces not more than 750 watts final output, and is:

  1. Must be generally recognized as a bicycle
  2. 2-3 wheels
  3. Must have working pedals
  4. Electric motor, up to 750 watts
  5. Top rated speed up to 20 mph* with 170 lbs operator
  6. Does not include mopeds

NOTE: While top speeds listed for the e-bikes listed above may vary between 15 and 25 MPH, operators are expected to ALWAYS OBEY THE 5 MPH SPEED LIMIT IN BLACK ROCK CITY.

Personal Transportation Vehicles (PTVs)

Personal Transportation Vehicles are subject to the same rules as any other motorized vehicles, including the 5 mph speed limit and use of front and rear lights at night. BLM Rangers will issue citations for noncompliance. Please review the complete list of allowed and disallowed vehicles on the Burning Man website.

What kind of Personal Transportation Vehicles aren’t allowed?

Any powered vehicle not on the “Allowed PTVs list” may not be brought to Black Rock City. This includes many electric or gas scooters. If you bring a disallowed PTV to Black Rock City, you will be required to take it off playa before you will be allowed to enter. If a disallowed PTV is found inside the city, you will be required to take it off playa. Operating a disallowed PTV at Burning Man can result in the vehicle and owner being ejected from the event.