Digging Holes

Do not dig holes in the playa larger than six inches wide and two feet deep. Holes erode within a year’s time, even when carefully back filled, leaving a visible mark and creating a safety hazard to drivers. Use an auger or a post hole digger instead of a shovel. Bag the dirt so it doesn’t blow away. Refill the hole by tamping the soil back into place (an inverted sledgehammer works well). Repeat this process every few inches while dampening the soil.

Historical Artifacts

The collection, excavation, or vandalism of historical/archaeological artifacts is prohibited on public lands, and is illegal. If you find something that appears to be an authentic artifact, contact a Black Rock Ranger.

Noxious Weeds

Noxious weeds are non-native invasive plants that, when introduced, quickly dominate the landscape. Noxious weeds are of concern in the Black Rock Desert, and can impact the native ecosystem by reducing biodiversity, displacing plant species, competing for pollinators, introducing pathogens, and altering the soil. 

The best way to help control the spread of noxious weeds is through prevention! Weeds can be spread by animals and vehicles, especially offroad. Be sure to clean your boots, camping equipment, and vehicle (including the tires and undercarriage) before heading to the Black Rock Desert.

To learn about noxious weeds that could show up in the Black Rock High Rock region, visit the Friends of Black Rock High Rock Desert website. More information can also be found on BLM’s website.