Do Not Pass … Do Not Get Killed

While driving to and from Black Rock City, do not pass vehicles while on the road. Many accidents happen as the result of attempting to pass; re-entering a line of vehicles after passing can be challenging, and often other drivers don’t see you or don’t let you back into the flow of traffic quickly enough to prevent a collision with oncoming traffic at 55-85 mph. 

Fatal head-on collisions can and do happen. Large trucks including 18 wheelers use these roads and go the opposite directions from the main traffic at high speeds. The delay for patiently following the car in front of you may be only a few additional minutes. The cost of passing may be your life.

Do Not Drive When You’re Tired! Pull Over & Rest!

Here’s a little cautionary tale about what can happen when you drive to or from Black Rock City when you’re overly tired: “A Little More Sleep to Avoid the Big Sleep