Do Not Pass … Do Not Get Killed

We were going to say this ourselves, but Leslie, who wrote in asking us to remind participants about this important issue a few years ago, is pretty spot on, and she has particular cred in this department, as she notes:

“I was struck head-on by a person passing and my car was left three feet shorter. I suffered unbelievable pain, spent time in a wheelchair and in physical rehabilitation as the result of his one bad choice to pass. Much of what was good in my life has been taken from me as a result.”

So please take a moment to read and consider her invaluable advice, since we prefer our Burners alive, thank you. She writes:

“Please, while driving to and from the event, do not pass at all between the freeway and the event. Passing simply isn’t safe and can lead to fatal head-on collisions. Full-size 18 wheelers regularly use these roads and go the opposite directions from the main traffic at high speeds; they are not watching out for you at all.

You simply cannot count on other drivers in a long line of cars bumper to bumper leaving Burning Man to hang back and let you back into the line when an oncoming vehicle is coming at you head-on at 55–85 mph. The delay for just not passing and patiently following the car in front of you may be only a few additional minutes. The cost of passing may be your life.

Besides, when everyone is in a line to leave Burning Man, it is just selfish and pointless to pass an entire line of cars as if they didn’t want to go faster. We all have to put up with slowly leaving the playa.

One year while leaving Burning Man, I saw a catastrophic accident as the result of someone passing. I’ve also seen numerous near misses that would have resulted in severe head-on collisions, some with full size 18 wheelers going over 40 mph, that would have killed everyone in the car.

Spread the word! Help your community understand and appreciate the risk.”

Do Not Drive When You’re Tired! Pull Over & Rest!

Here’s a little cautionary tale about what can happen when you drive to or from Black Rock City when you’re overly tired:

A Little More Sleep to Avoid the Big Sleep