Before you leave

  • MOOP sweep your camp. Walk shoulder-to-shoulder with your campmates and clean your campsite in a grid pattern. Pick up EVERYTHING. Use a magnet bar or a rake to go over your entire camp and conduct a final sweep.
  • Community clean-up. As a citizen of BRC, we ask you to join your neighbors on Sunday and Monday after the Burn for two hours of community MOOPing in addition to your own camp clean-up. Pick a well-traveled area. The Earth Guardians in Center Camp can direct you to a cleanup project.

Hazardous road debris and securing your load

Secure your load like someone you love is driving behind you — because they are!

Road debris is a serious concern any time of the year and in the U.S. annually causes 51,000 accidents, injuring nearly 10,000 humans. Please don’t add to this U.S. statistic — secure your load safely. Although we have been greatly improving, this is a serious safety matter and our LNT Highway Cleanup team still cleans up road debris that has blown off vehicles departing the event. Some common road debris found scattered up and down the highways are trash bag blowouts, wood, bottles/cans, cardboard/paper, and specifically hexayurt styrofoam. Hexayurt debris is especially problematic — noted by both BLM and the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe. These structures may be outlawed if problems persist. Follow these tips and leave the highways clean, beautiful, and safe. 

  • “Tie It Strong!” Firmly secure your load with straps, rope, bungee cords or netting. The wind exerts hundreds of pounds of pressure per square foot at 60 miles per hour, pushing it right off your vehicle. 
  • “Cover It Up!” Loose items should be firmly covered with a tarp or netting.
  • “Lighter On Bottom!” Put lighter items below heavier items and evenly distribute the load.
  • “Do Not Overload!” Keep items level with the truck bed or trailer unless firmly tied down.
  • “Double Check!” Ask yourself, “Is this roadworthy?”