As a condition of entry to BRC, participants agree not to interfere with the experience of others and to ask permission before photographing or recording anyone. Images from BRC may not be used for any commercial, promotional, editorial, or otherwise non-personal reasons without photographers and videographers first registering as professional media and receiving permission from Burning Man Project.

Burning Man Project limits media permitted at the event to protect participant privacy and prevent our culture from exploitation. All permitted professional media are credentialed and their cameras tagged with a unique Media ID #. If someone is being disrespectful with a camera, record their Media # and bring it to Media Mecca (at 10 o’clock on the inner ring, across from Center Camp). If they do not have a Media Tag, find a Black Rock Ranger immediately. UAVs or drones must be registered. If you find a picture of yourself or your images from Black Rock City being used without your permission, contact