While the event ends at 6 pm Monday, September 5, Exodus continues through noon Tuesday, September 6. Sunday and Monday are when most people leave, so if the line of cars in Exodus is long, and your schedule allows, use the extra time to rest for the drive, secure your vehicle loads, and MOOP your campsite.

In past years, Exodus wait times peaked at about six to nine hours just to get from camp to County Road 34. Plan for another three hours or more to get to Reno. Accidents or other traffic issues can make the trip even longer, so it’s important to plan accordingly. Make sure you have water, snacks, and the things you need to take care of yourself accessible in your vehicle until you get to Reno.

Above all, keep that playa vibe with you! No sense getting road rage, cutting in front of fellow participants or trying to dangerously pass cars on the highway in order to save a few minutes. Take your time, have fun, and remember: Leaving No Trace and community spirit do not stop once you leave Black Rock City.

Tips for making the best-odus of your Exodus:

  • Schedule your camp or project tear down so that your crew leaves after Monday.
  • BMIR at 94.5 FM will broadcast specific info about Exodus when you are headed out, as well as current wait times.
  • Upon leaving your camp, head straight to L Street at the back of the city. This is the most direct route to Gate Road and helps to prevent the city center from getting too clogged up.
  • Use all available lanes on Gate Road until you hit the back-up. ALL lanes on Gate Road during Exodus are outbound lanes, always, always, always.
  • If the vehicle in front of you is stopped but traffic is moving,  go around it. Do not change lanes! All Gate Road lanes are 20 feet wide for this reason.
  • If you see another vehicle whose load has shifted or become loosened, let them know before it becomes a MOOP problem or worse, a traffic hazard. 
  • Lost your passenger or your vehicle during Exodus? There is a passenger and vehicle reunion lot near the base of the gravel (8 mile playa access near County Road 34) to help drivers and riders reconnect.
  • Hitchhiking out of BRC? Stay at the Greeters area to find a ride. This is the safest location and the best place for drivers to see you.
  • Any vehicles found to be outside the perimeter of BRC or Gate Road are in violation of the event Closure Order. Closure Order violations are ticketed by the BLM. Then you will be returned to the back of the Exodus line.

Pulsing: Exodus Peak Times

Pulsing is used to move vehicles at regular intervals toward the highway on Gate Road. Vehicles stop and turn off their engines; then every hour, vehicles are pulsed a mile forward all at once. Pulsing does not get you out of the city more quickly, but it gives you a break from driving and is more environmentally friendly. 

We may implement pulsing at any time from 12:01 am Sunday morning until 11:59 pm Monday, or until it’s no longer needed. Make the most out of your Exodus experience! Pulsing is the perfect time to create One-hour Neighborhoods (see a participant’s explanation of this idea) and ensure your fellow Burners have properly secured their loads. Pack water, snacks, instruments and anything else to make the wait more fun. Have a one-hour dance party and meet your neighbors in line. Want more info on how pulsing works? Check it out here.

Potties are available on the sides of Gate Road. Listen to BMIR 94.5 FM for Exodus and pulsing info.