Kidsville is a cooperative Village of more than 150 families of Burners and Burner kids; a quiet, centrally-located, family-focused community. The Village is marked with flagpoles, and vehicles are prohibited from driving through, making it a safer place for kids to ride bikes, run and play. Adult supervision is required at all times in Kidsville; this is not a place to drop off your kids and wander about the playa. 

Kidsville Center Camp has a fire pit, an information kiosk, the Black Rock Explorers headquarters, and play equipment. During the week, families host dozens of events like Mini Burning Man. We love it when mutant vehicles visit and take kids and their families for a spin!

To camp in Kidsville, you must pre-register on the Kidsville website. Each camp must have at least one child under the age of 18. All camps must work at least one Kidsville Greeter shift and assist with tear down and clean up. If Kidsville is full, there is a waiting list. Space opens up closer to the event and most folks on the waiting list get in. 

NOTE: If you are not pre-registered with a camp location, don’t expect to arrive at Kidsville and find a space.

To learn more about Kidsville, ask questions, or follow discussions, join the Kidsville Facebook group. To schedule a visit, contact Kidsville Mayor FixIt, via

For tips on bringing kids to the playa, read the Kidsville Survival Guide.