BRC consists of the main camping area formed by a series of concentric and radial streets, and an “open playa” reserved for art installations. The Bureau of Land Management establishes a buffer zone on the playa outside the trash fence — no camping is allowed in this area. The 2023 Black Rock City plan is available here. You will receive the BRC Map & Guide at the Greeters’ station when you arrive.


Plazas are located at 3:00, 4:30, 6:00, 7:30 & 9:00 on B + G Streets. These are mini civic centers and public gathering spaces with art installations, encircled by creative and inviting theme camps and service camps. Emergency Services with first aid and Black Rock Ranger Outposts are located behind the plazas at 3:00+C, 9:00+C. Arctica ice sales are stationed at 3:00+G and 9:00+G plazas.

Open Camping

Open camping is located throughout many blocks between H to K Streets and occasionally some between B and H Streets. Some of these blocks are entirely open for unplaced groups to camp in, while others contain both open camping and reserved camping. Open campers who arrive early should share the space with other open campers that arrive later and negotiate the space together. Space for reserved, placed camps is delineated by blue survey flags. When you arrive to claim an open camping space, be sure to camp outside the blue flagged zones or you may be asked to relocate your camp. Individual campers are not allowed to land-grab large chunks of land during Build Week for friends arriving after the Gate opens. If you need assistance determining if an area is available for open camping, talk to a Black Rock Ranger or a member of the Placement Team.

Walk-in Camping

A large area past K Street between 2:00 and 5:00 is reserved for walk-in camping. Camp without cars! No vehicles or RVs are allowed. You must leave your vehicle along K street and carry your belongings to your chosen spot. The sheer difficulty of this exercise keeps Walk-In Camping sparsely populated, and your efforts will be rewarded with a sense of solitude unavailable in other parts of the city.

Placement & Reserved Camping

If you’d like to receive a reserved camping spot for your camp or village at Black Rock City, you’ll need to learn the placement process and submit the Placed Camp Questionnaire before the deadlines in March/April. Theme camps and villages are the main types of camps we reserve placement for, but we also hold space for camps for artists, mutant vehicles, volunteers, and staff camps. Check Burner Profiles for the latest deadlines. You can also find Placement on playa at 5:59+Esplanade across from the DMV.


Banks of porta-potties can be found throughout the city on radial streets on the blocks between C & D and G & H. The exceptions to this are 6:00, which has banks on D, and between H & I, and 3:00 and 9:00, which have banks on D and between G & H. There are also banks on the open playa on either side of the Man along 3:00 and 9:00, and out by the Temple. There are some potty banks in deep playa as well. To help you find potties in your time of need, they are marked by solar-powered light poles topped with blue lights.

Box Office

The Box Office is open 24 hours a day during the event, and is located just outside BRC’s Main Gate. Tickets held for Will Call pick up can be retrieved any time of day or night, from August 21, 2023 at 12pm (noon) PT to 12pm (noon) on Saturday, September 2, 2023. Tickets requiring payment can be purchased with Visa or MasterCard only (no cash!). All Gate lanes will get you access to the Box Office parking lot e where you can retrieve your ticket. There are no tickets for sale at the Box Office. 

If you need to visit the Box Office during the event,  it is closest and safest from inside the city to go to the Airport Box Office located at the end of 5:00 street. The Airport Box Office is open from 8am – 7pm, and functions exactly as Gate Box Office. Please do not walk or bike on the open playa to the main gate Box Office.