Arriving at Burning Man

Make sure your vehicle (and whatever you are towing) has an UNOBSTRUCTED rear license plate, two working headlights, tail lights, brake lights and a license plate light.

Check here for map and directions on how to get to Burning Man.

When You Arrive

Everyone in your vehicle must have a ticket in hand or your entire car will be turned around.

The speed limit on Gate Road is 10 MPH. Speeding causes deep ruts in the playa and creates dust, which is a safety hazard. Tune in to Gate Area Radio Station 95.1 FM for Gate updates (BMIR at 94.5 FM for event info).

Going to Will Call? All lanes allow entrance to Will Call; you will be directed by Gate staff and shown where to park. If one person in your vehicle has to go to Will Call, the entire vehicle must go to Will Call. Proceed to the Box Office, get your Tickets/ Vehicle Pass, return to your vehicle, and proceed to the Main Gate. Please do not get out of your vehicle until you are parked in the Will Call lot.

NOTE: For the safety of all participants, do not drive faster than 5 MPH while inside the Will Call and the Main Gate areas.

Be prepared to have your vehicle searched for prohibited items and stowaways. Keep this in mind when packing. After passing through the Gate, the Greeters will welcome you and give you your printed city map and other event information.

In 2016 the Gate will open at 12:01 am on Sunday, August 28. We are opening earlier in the day to spread out traffic over a longer period of daylight hours. Remember, the event itself officially starts at 6 pm Sunday, August 28, and it’s expected that participants use the earlier arrival time as opportunity to set up their camp infrastructure during the day. Please do not show up before 12:01 am!

This year, BRC is coordinating with the BLM to open the gate earlier and close it later for a safer ingress and egress, maximizing use of daylight hours and minimizing traffic on local roads. This does not extend the beginning and ending of the event itself. Participants are to focus their activities on camp setup and officially begins at 6 p.m. Sunday, August 28 and ends at 6 p.m. on Monday, September 5. Tune in to Gate Area Radio Station 95.1 for Gate updates. Complete arrival information can be found on our website.

No Early Arrivals

Do not arrive before the Gate opens (exact time to be announced later this summer). We are not ready for participants until we have finished building key public safety and sanitation infrastructure. DO NOT wait on the side of the road along Hwy 447 or Hwy 34 or in the town of Gerlach. This poses a serious safety hazard and adds stress on neighboring communities.