Precycling entails everything you can do to reduce waste, conserve energy and reuse existing materials and still be playa fabulous. This means, wherever possible, using non-toxic, biodegradable, renewable and salvaged materials, and those that can be repurposed at home or reused at next year’s event.

Structures — Select construction materials and decorations that are reusable (they’re cheaper in the long run!). If you can’t reuse them, make sure they’re recyclable. Where possible, use reclaimed wood and metal. Use screws instead of nails (they’re easier to remove). Design camp structures for easy construction/deconstruction, reuse, storage or salvage.

Food and Water — Minimize kitchen waste and clean-up by planning simple meals and preparing food in advance, and freezing it. Eliminate unnecessary packaging and store food in reusable containers. Bring water in reusable containers and bring reusable cups, utensils, bowls or plates. Where possible, avoid single-use bottled drinks.

Clothes and Costumes — The playa takes its toll on clothing and costumes; the thrift shop is your friend. When considering costume options, be mindful of MOOP. Things that can be particularly problematic include feathers, glitter, sequins, beads, bindis, body gems, glued-on stuff, fake eyelashes, etc.