On-Playa Resources

Like any other metropolis, Black Rock City has essential infrastructure and community services.

NOTE: Don’t ship packages to the Burning Man office in Gerlach. Burning Man has no way to deliver UPS and Fedex packages to participants on the playa. Any participant packages sent to the Gerlach Burning Man office will not be accepted and will be returned.

Ice Sales

Revised Locations

In the interest of public safety, ice is sold at Arctica in Center Camp, and in the 3:00 and 9:00 plazas, now on G. During the event, Monday to Saturday hours are 9 am to 6 pm, Sunday noon to 6 pm and Exodus Monday in Center Camp only, from 9 am to noon. Ice is available in crushed and blocks for $3/bag. Pre-event, ice is available at Center Camp Arctica only. Hours are Thursday noon to 3 pm and Friday to Sunday from 9 am to 3 pm.


Playa Info in Center Camp is staffed by knowledgeable volunteers ready to answer your questions 9 am to 6 pm, unless otherwise posted. Check the whiteboards for the latest info and answers to FAQs. You can use the Playa Info Directory 24/7 to register yourself and your camp location and look up friends, or find and post theme camp locations, event schedules, rideshares, services, and information. Note: there is no Internet access. Playa Info’s large BRC map shows public theme camp locations, and bulletin boards are available for posting events, messages and general information.

Earth Guardians

Earth Guardians inspire Burners to embrace Leave No Trace and live more sustainably on and off the playa. If you have questions about sustainable camping or the Black Rock National Conservation Area, visit them on the Esplanade or check out their website at www.earthguardians.net.

Black Rock Rangers

The Black Rock Rangers are BRC volunteers who can help you find solutions to problems that you can’t immediately resolve yourself. Rangers help preserve community welfare, safety and quality of experience, and uphold the 10 Principles of Burning Man. They are available 24/7 to support our community. Ranger Headquarters is located on the Esplanade near Center Camp. Rangers can also be found at Ranger Outposts (at the back of the 3 & 9 plazas) and at the Man Base. Rangers are not law enforcement or part of any other outside agency.

Law Enforcement

Bureau of Land Management Rangers and Special Agents, and Pershing County Sheriff’s Deputies are on site to serve the community by enforcing local, state and federal laws.

Crisis Intervention Services

Black Rock City can be a hyper-stimulating place. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, trained counselors from the Zendo Project and the Sanctuary team of the Black Rock Rangers are there to take care of you. If it’s a crisis, the ESD’s Crisis Intervention team is there, too. The Zendo facilities are entirely run by participants, but they are conveniently located next to medical on the 3:00 & 9:00 sides.

Emergency Medical Services

As a member of a community built on self-reliance, YOU are responsible for your own basic first aid. However, if you or someone you know (or encounter) requires medical assistance, you may contact an Emergency Services Department volunteer or a Black Rock Ranger, or visit one of our six Medical Stations. Stations are located at 5:15 and Esplanade and behind the 3:00 and 9:00 Plazas. We will also have three smaller satellite stations behind the 4:30 and 7:30 Plazas on H, and between the Temple and the Man. All are easily identified by a large lit red cross. Trained emergency medical personnel are on duty 24 hours a day and emergency evaluations are available.

BMIR 94.5 FM

Burning Man Information Radio (BMIR) 94.5 FM broadcasts travel, emergency and general information and community programming 24 hours a day. BMIR will also be available on mobile devices via iHeartRadio.com, providing traffic reports at the top of the hour for entry and Exodus. Stop by BMIR between 12 pm and 4 pm daily to record promos for your events and happenings… tell the city what you’re up to!


Volunteering is a great way to step up your participation. Visit the V-Spot adjacent to Playa Info in Center Camp to learn more.

Press & Media

Any commercial, editorial, or otherwise non-personal use of photos, video or sound recordings is not permitted without written permission from Burning Man. All media professionals with intent to distribute content publicly (including art galleries, publications, or non-personal blogs) must register as professional media prior to the event or at Media Mecca. Participants sharing images for personal use are not required to register, but still must be adhere to the Photo & Video Rights & Responsibilities. It is your TASK to ASK for consent before taking someone’s picture. Questions? Visit Media Mecca at Center Camp, burningman.org/press or write pressatburningmandotorg  (pressatburningmandotorg)   for more info.

Burning Man 365 Days a Year

Burning Man is a global cultural movement. Burning Man Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to encouraging civic participation, creative self-expression and collaboration. It does so by supporting and nurturing Burners around the world who engage in a host of initiatives and projects inspired by the 10 Principles. The Burning Man Regional Network has official representatives in 140 locations across 28 countries. To learn more about Burning Man Project, Burners Without Borders, Black Rock Solar, and the Burning Man Regional Network, or to get involved with year-round and worldwide efforts, visit Everywhere Pavilion near 6:15 on the Esplanade or burningman.org/network.

Lost & Found

Mark all of your possessions with your name, phone number and email address (especially your bike and your cell phone). If you find something in BRC, bring it to Lost & Found at Playa Info. Lost & Found does not accept lost bikes! Please leave them where you found them. After the event, whether you have lost or found something, go to the Lost & Found page and the ePlaya bulletin board.

Recycle Camp

Bring your aluminum cans to Recycle Camp Monday through Sunday, 9 am to 5 pm. Located in Center Camp at 6:00 on the Inner Circle, directly behind the Cafe. Ride the state of the ART bicycle powered aluminum can crushing machine. Come by early, come by often, come by before 5 pm Sunday or you’ll have to pack them out. A donation is made to the Gerlach School from the proceeds. Show us your cans!

Telephone Service

In the interest of Immediacy (see the 10 Principles), cellphone use is highly discouraged in BRC. Luckily they don’t really work out there anyway. Limited cell service and public telephones are available in the town of Gerlach, 12 miles away.

Center Camp Café

The Café is our community gathering space, where coffee, tea and other beverages are available for purchase, and your fellow BRC citizens provide a wide variety of on-stage entertainment. It’s always a bustling place, 24 hours a day!

Airport & Pilot Policies

BRC operates a temporary private airport (FAA identifier 88NV) at the southernmost point of the pentagon fence, and accessed from the city at 5:00 and L. Any piloted aircraft flying to BRC, even if unpowered, must land at this Airport. All pilots must pre-register at airport.burningman.org, which contains valuable information for passengers as well as pilots. Air carriers are managed by Burner Express Air via Advantage Flight Solutions, LLC (AFS). Contact AFS at 775-852-3512 or email burners16atadvantageflightdotcom  (burners16atadvantageflightdotcom)  . All incoming participants must have an event ticket and the $60 per person Gate use fee. Will Call tickets can be picked up after 7 am. Will Call tickets can be picked up after 7 am.

Burn Gardens

Metal platforms for burning wood are located at Esplanade and 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00. Sunday, September 6 at 7 am each Burn Garden location will be available for wood burning as well as donations of new and unused lumber. No cardboard, paper, compost, recycling or trash will be accepted. Burning toxic and/or synthetic materials such as couches, stuffed furniture, rugs, PVC pipes, etc. is prohibited by law. Do not overload the Burn Platforms with anything that will spill burning debris and ash onto the playa.

Local Shuttle Bus Service

Casual traffic in and out of BRC is strongly discouraged. Participants who leave and return by private automobile are required to pay a $20 per person fee. To lessen community and environmental impact, there is a shuttle bus from BRC to Gerlach and Empire. $10 tickets are available at the shuttle ticket booth on the 6:30 side at Rod’s Road & 6:00. You must be sober, dressed appropriately for town, carrying your event ticket stub and wearing the wristband issued to you when you purchased a bus ticket. Shuttles run every two hours from 10 am to 2 pm Wednesday through Saturday.


Looking for transportation to the event? Consider car- pooling and ride-sharing. Carpooling is a great option for those with extra vehicle space and is also an easy way to share costs. Burner Express buses come from Reno and San Francisco directly to the playa. Visit burningman.org/travel.