You Remembered a Spare Key, Right?

Every year, Burners lock their keys in their car or lose them — big bummer, right? Doesn’t need to be. One simple step will save you tons of time, hassle and money: Make an extra key and store it someplace secure. Hassle avoided!

Now what if you don’t have an extra key? Lockout services are available. Go to Playa Info. If Playa Info is closed, you can fill out a lockout request form and leave it in their drop mailbox out front. For after-hour emergencies, such as critical medication locked in car, you can ask a Black Rock Ranger or go to Ranger HQ (5:45 & Esplanade).

Blow Before You Go

If your camp has an air compressor, use it to blow dust out of your engine compartment — in particular your engine air filter. A silt-filled air filter greatly increases the likelihood of an overheated engine. You can also pull your air filter out and bang out the dirt.

So, You Need a Tow

If you break down on your way to, but not yet inside BRC, and you are a member of a well-known auto club (first letter of alphabet, say it three times), you can call the number on the back of your membership card for local service.*

If you’re broken down on the playa, and need a tow outside the event, go to Playa Info in Center Camp during their operating hours, Monday of the event through Monday post-event, 9 am – 6 pm. Ask Playa Info for the availability of tow service within BRC from Saturday of the event through Tuesday post-event In case of an emergency after hours (needed medication or child locked in a car, for example), contact Black Rock Rangers or Emergency Services at one of their outposts or stations.

*The well-known auto club will again not leave the roadways to enter the event site, as such off-road service is not in their contract with members.

Renting a Vehicle? Clean it Thoroughly — Including the Engine

If you’re renting a car or RV, you want to clean the living hell out of it, including the engine. You might get dinged for an extra fee if you don’t. Also, returning rental cars in bad shape reflects badly on our community and risks our people’s future ability to rent cars.