Black Rock City is a walking and bike-friendly metropolis. You must park your vehicle at your campsite and leave it there while you are at Burning Man. Only public agency vehicles, specially marked BRC department service vehicles, and vehicles licensed by the Department of Mutant Vehicles (DMV) are allowed to drive in Black Rock City or on the open playa. Non-mutated vehicles intended for recreational driving, including motorcycles, large scooters, and ATVs, are NOT permitted an will be impounded at the Gate. No unlicensed cars, RVs, trucks, motorcycles, golf carts or go-carts are allowed.

Mutant Vehicles & The DMV

All prospective Mutant Vehicle drivers, and those requiring a disabled license, must pre-register with the DMV before the event. To be licensed, Mutant Vehicles must meet certain criteria, and ALL registrations take place pre-event. You are required to show your acceptance letter to Gate staff upon entering BRC —those not pre-registered and approved WILL NOT be let into BRC. More info on the website.

Driving Safety

The speed limit in BRC is 5 mph at all times — that’s reeeaaaallly slow — including when entering from Gate Road and departing BRC. Pedestrians and bicycles have the right of way over motor vehicles. Mutant Vehicle artists, operators and passengers must comply with safety standards, including physical and mechanical integrity of vehicles, and adherence to driving rules. Passengers may only get on or off a vehicle that is completely stopped. Vehicles are prohibited from driving on: the Esplanade, Awe Street, the promenades from the city to the Man and the Temple, and inside the perimeter around the Man. All Mutant Vehicles must also comply with the Sound Policy stated on the Burning Man website.

Electric-assist Bikes

Electric-assist bikes are allowed on playa, but you must obey the 5 mph vehicle speed limit and they must conform to the following specifications (from Nevada state law):

“Electric bicycle” means a device upon which a person may ride, having two or three wheels, or every such device generally recognized as a bicycle that has fully operable pedals and is propelled by a small electric engine which produces not more than 1 gross brake horsepower and which produces not more than 750 watts final output, and:

  1. Is designed to travel on not more than three wheels in contact with the ground but is not a tractor; and
  2. Powered solely by such a small electric engine, is capable of a maximum speed of not more than 20 miles per hour on a flat surface while carrying an operator who weighs 170 pounds.

Electric Scooters & Segways

These vehicles are subject to the same rules as any other motorized vehicles, including the 5 mph speed limit and use of front and rear lights at night. BLM Rangers will issue citations for noncompliance.

Segways and similar style stand-up two-wheeled, gyroscopically stabilized, battery-powered personal transportation devices are allowed.

Small, electric stand-up scooters are allowed. These must be single-person, two wheeled, lightweight, stand-up with no seat. They must have front and rear lights if used at night.

NOTE: Motorcycle/moped type scooters are not allowed in BRC.


Motorcycles are only allowed in BRC if they were your sole means of transportation to BRC, and must be parked at your campsite for the duration of your stay. Participants bringing motorcycles that aren’t their sole means of transportation will be asked to turn around at the Gate.

Happy Bicycling

Bikes are not merely a convenience, they are an integral part of our culture. Our city was designed for walking and biking. The playa is very dark at night, and there are many riders. Light your bike to avoid injuring yourself and others. For everybody’s safety and sanity, please do not bring bikes, chairs and large coolers to the larger burns, where they can pose a serious safety hazard.

Lock & Decorate Your Bike!

We recommend locking your bike when it’s not in use. Never lock your bike to guy wires on the Café, art pieces or any other structures. This is a safety hazard and may disrupt performances and scheduled Burns. No bike is considered lost until the event is over. Starting Monday through Wednesday post-event, lost bikes can possibly be recovered at the Yellow Bike Camp. After Wednesday, unclaimed bikes are donated to Reno-based nonprofits that fix them up and provide them to underprivileged kids. Your bike is much less likely to be “borrowed without asking” if you decorate it. Make sure decorations are securely affixed. Lastly, DO NOT ditch your bike at Burning Man! Dealing with abandoned bikes stretches our already overtaxed resources. Send additional questions to bikesatburningmandotorg  (bikesatburningmandotorg)  .