As far as getting to and from Black Rock City is concerned, if there’s one thing (ok, seven things) you take away, let it be these:

  • Don’t drive under the influence (of intoxicants or that other killer, sleeplessness).
  • Don’t speed. You will get a ticket.
  • Don’t pass cars on Highway 447 or County Road 34, either coming or going. It’s dangerous for you, it’s dangerous for people you’re passing, and it’s dangerous to oncoming drivers.
  • Please don’t park on the sides of 447 or 34 or wait in Empire or Gerlach for the Gate to open. This has the potential to create a traffic hazard and it’s not fair to area residents
  • If you’re coming from outside the country, please study up on U.S. traffic laws. You are driving through Tribal lands.
  • If traffic stops, please please please stay in your car. Don’t get out and stand in the road.
  • Secure your loads so they don’t fly off your vehicle. We’re finding Burner trash on the roadsides.

Was that clear enough? Did it seem emphatic? Good. We want you to arrive in Black Rock City safely, and return to your other home the same way. We don’t want to have to install hundreds of dumpsters on the playa.