Law Enforcement Feedback Forms

If you have any feedback (negative or positive) for Law Enforcement (LE), please fill out a Law Enforcement Feedback Form at Playa Info or Black Rock Ranger HQ in Center Camp. You can also provide feedback directly to LE via the LE Substation, but note that Burning Man does not see that feedback. Your feedback helps improve how we work with the agencies to ensure the safety of our event. Be sure to fill out the form completely and truthfully. Include the officer’s name, agency, vehicle license number, badge number, time of day, details of the event, and the names of any witnesses. Avoid hearsay and accusations that can’t be substantiated. Please don’t provide critical feedback about Law Enforcement if you were simply caught breaking a law. Feedback forms turned into Burning Man during the event are discussed with LE the next morning; the timely return of these forms enables us to act on them before the event is over.