Community Resources

Black Rock RangersMembers of our own volunteer organization, the Black Rock Rangers, wear khaki attire with the Burning Man logo on their chests, backs and vehicles. They are not law enforcement officers. They engage with issues related to community norms and rules and are empowered by the Burning Man community and the event’s organizers to address safety concerns, mediate disputes, and resolve conflicts that cannot be resolved by the persons involved. They are members of our community. You should feel free to request their assistance at any time. You can find Ranger headquarters in Center Camp or the outposts in both the 3:00 & 9:00 plazas.

Black Rock City Emergency ServicesMembers of Burning Man’s Black Rock City Emergency Services Department wear yellow uniforms labeled “Emergency Services” and feature the Burning Man logo on their uniforms and vehicles. They provide BRC with fire fighting, emergency medical, and mental health services. They are not part of any law enforcement or other outside agency. The Medical Stations can be found on the Esplanade & 5:15, near the 3:00 & 9:00 Civic Plazas, and out on the playa between the Temple and the Man.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers have a difficult yet important job, both on and off the playa. There are multiple law enforcement agencies at Burning Man, including the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and the Pershing County Sheriff’s Office. Please respect the valuable work that they do — we could not have the event without their services. It is the duty of all law enforcement personnel to enforce the law in a courteous and respectful manner.

Help from Law Enforcement

If you need law enforcement assistance for any reason, please wave down a patrol unit, find a Black Rock Ranger who will help you contact law enforcement, or visit the law enforcement substation located at 5:30 and Esplanade. The station is open 24/7 during the event and is staffed by BLM and the Pershing County Sheriff’s Office.

Law Enforcement Feedback

If you have any feedback (negative or positive) for law enforcement, please fill out a Law Enforcement Feedback Form at Playa Info or Black Rock Ranger HQ in Center Camp. You can also provide feedback directly to BLM via the law enforcement substation, but note that Burning Man does not see that feedback. Your feedback helps improve how we work with the agencies to ensure the safety of our event. Be sure to fill out the form completely and truthfully. Include the officer’s name, agency, vehicle license number, badge number, time of day, details of the event, and the names of any witnesses. Avoid hearsay and accusations that can’t be substantiated. Feedback forms turned into Burning Man during the event are discussed with law enforcement agencies the next morning; the timely return of these forms enables us to act on them before the event is over.