It takes a village to ensure we leave the Black Rock Desert as pristine as it was before we arrived, and one of the most effective ways to do that is for neighboring camps to join together to do neighborhood MOOP sweeps of streets, public spaces and the open playa.

We ask that every Black Rock Citizen devote two hours to general clean-up beyond their individual camps. One of the best ways to do this is to stop by the Earth Guardians camp during the week and jump on the MOOP train mornings at 11 am. They’ll give you a beautiful reusable MOOP bag. If the MOOP train is already out, they’ll direct you to the areas of the city that need the most attention.

A growing number of camps are saving money by sharing resources. Many camps collaborate on energy sources, drinking water delivery and gray water management. If you’re in a village, work with organizers to place camps so sharing generators (or — even better — renewable power sources) can happen. Want to find existing resource-sharing projects in your BRC neighborhood or share yours with others? Look on Spark.