Conserve Energy & Reduce Use of Fossil Fuels

Burners have shown tremendous ingenuity with alternative energy sources for lighting their camps, running generators and reducing vehicle emissions getting to and from the playa.

Lighting — Incorporate energy-efficient light sources like LEDs or EL wire instead of glow sticks. Use rechargeable batteries. Wherever possible, switch to solar-powered lights.

Generators — The Alternative Energy Zone has been generator-free on the playa for many years! Burners have employed numerous power alternatives using human, solar, wind, biodiesel power.

Vehicle emissions are one of our greatest challenges, and participants are stepping up to meet it. Options include carpooling using the Burning Man rideshare page, taking Burner Express Bus or Air and collaborating with Regional Contacts organizing shipments of camp supplies to and from the playa.

Get your car tuned before heading to the playa. A well-maintained car produces lower emissions and will make it all the way to BRC (and back again).

Offset Your Carbon Emissions

IDEATE and Black Rock Labs offer Burners the ability to offset their Black Rock City-related carbon emissions, in partnership with C-Quest Capital. It costs $3.80 to offset the 1,400 lbs of carbon emissions generated by one BRC participant over the course of the event.