If there’s a life-threatening emergency in your camp, or you experience or encounter an emergency on playa, you have options to get help. First and foremost yell for help! You can try to call 911 on your cell phone. If you have reception, your call will be routed off playa to a dispatch center in another city. Don’t stop here.

Ask any person with an event radio or public safety radio — this includes any member of staff, including the Black Rock Rangers and Emergency Services Department, and all state, county and federal agencies — for help. They can get you any medical response, fire or law enforcement, and might be faster than utilizing the 911 system.

Black Rock City has a Nevada-licensed Independent Center for Emergency Care, six fully staffed first aid stations, on site ground ambulances, fire response, and a fixed wing aircraft for off-site transports.

If you become a victim of a crime during the event, report it immediately. Pershing County Sheriff’s Office will respond and investigate. It is imperative you report the crime while on site — it’s extremely difficult to investigate a crime post-event when camps, cars, evidence and witnesses are gone. Insurance agencies require a law enforcement report to file claims of theft.