Black Rock Rangers

The Black Rock Rangers wear khaki attire with the Ranger logo on their chests, backs, and vehicles. Rangers are veteran Burner volunteers who roam Black Rock City and help the community with a variety of issues, including conflict resolution, peer mediation, safety concerns, calling in emergency services and supporting the scene, finding lost kids, helping participants “get” Burning Man culture, and a smorgasbord of other issues the playa presents.

The Rangers’ ideal outcome is to help people solve their own problems with a gentle nudge in the right direction, and then fade into the dust when they’re not needed. Rangers are members of our community, and you should feel free to request their assistance at any time. They are available 24/7 on foot and bike patrol, at the Man base, at Ranger HQ at 5:45 and Esplanade, near Center Camp, and at the Ranger Outposts located in the 3:00+B and 9:00+B plazas.

Rangers rely on the Burning Man community to help them do their jobs; there are a lot more participants than there are Rangers, and you, too, are the eyes and ears of safety in Black Rock City.

To learn more about Black Rock Rangers and to learn about joining, visit

Emergency Services Department (ESD)

Black Rock City Emergency Services Department personnel wear yellow shirts labeled “Emergency Services” and feature the ESD logo on their uniforms and vehicles. They provide BRC with firefighting, emergency medical, and crisis intervention services. ESD is not part of any law enforcement or outside agency. Medical Stations are located on the Esplanade at 5:15, behind the plazas at 3:00+C, 9:00+C, 4:30+H, and 7:30+H, and out on the playa between the Temple and the Man.

Crisis Intervention Services

Black Rock City can be a hyper-stimulating place. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, trained peer support volunteers from the Zendo Project and the Green Dot team of the Black Rock Rangers are there to support you. If it’s a crisis, the Emergency Services Department’s Crisis Intervention team is there, too. The Zendo Project facilities are entirely run by participants and are located at the 3 and 9 portals behind ESD.

Law Enforcement Substation on Esplanade

If you need law enforcement assistance, please wave down a patrol unit, find a Black Rock Ranger who will help you contact law enforcement, or visit the law enforcement substation at 5:15 and Esplanade. The station is open 24/7 during the event and is staffed by BLM and the Pershing County Sheriff’s Office.

Center Camp Café

The Café is our community gathering space. Coffee, tea, and other nonalcoholic beverages are available for purchase (cash, Visa or MC), and your fellow citizens provide a wide variety of on-stage entertainment. It’s always a bustling place, 24 hours a day with beverages available from Sunday at 7 pm through Monday at 11 am!

Ice Sales

Ice is sold at Arctica in Center Camp, and in the 3:00+G and 9:00+G plazas on G. During the event, Monday to Saturday hours are 9 am to 6 pm, Sunday noon to 6 pm and Exodus Monday in Center Camp only from 9 am to noon. Ice is available in crushed or blocks for $4/bag. Pre-event, ice is available at two locations. Center Camp Arctica: Thursday through Sunday from noon to 6 pm. Ice 9 (9:00 & G): Saturday and Sunday pre-event from noon to 6 pm.

Information (a.k.a. Playa Info)

Playa Info in Center Camp is staffed by knowledgeable volunteers ready to answer your questions 9 am to 6 pm, unless otherwise posted. You can use the Playa Info Directory 24/7 to register yourself and your camp location and look up friends, or find and post theme camp locations, event schedules, rideshares, services, and information. Note: there is no Internet access. Playa Info’s large BRC map shows theme camp locations, and bulletin boards are available for posting events, messages, and general information.

Lost & Found

The best way to increase the chances of having a lost item reunited with you is to mark your possessions, especially your cell phone, with your name, phone number, email address, and camp location. Take a picture of your contact info and leave the image on your camera or cell phone. If you find something in Black Rock City, bring it to Lost & Found at Playa Info. Lost & Found does not accept bikes! Please leave them where you found them. After the event, whether you have lost or found something, email lostandfoundatburningmandotorg  (lostandfoundatburningmandotorg)  .


Volunteering is a great way to step up your participation, and there are ample opportunities to get involved. Visit the V-Spot in the Center Camp Portal to learn more.


The ARTery is the on-playa headquarters for Burning Man’s art team that facilitates the process of getting your art on the playa. To learn about all that they do (and don’t do), see the ARTery information page. The ARTery shares space with the Everywhere Pavilion on Esplanade, which is where you can go to learn about everything else Burning Man does year-round in the world beyond the playa.

Burning Man 365 Days a Year

The nonprofit Burning Man Project supports and nurtures participants around the world who engage in initiatives and projects inspired by the Burning Man ethos and the 10 Principles. To learn more about Burning Man Project, Burners Without Borders, Fly Ranch and the Burning Man Regional Network, vist the Everywhere Pavilion near 6:20 on the Esplanade (space shared with the ARTery).

BMIR 94.5

Burning Man Information Radio (BMIR) 94.5 FM broadcasts travel, emergency and general information, and community programming 24 hours a day. BMIR will also be available on mobile devices via, providing traffic reports at the top of the hour during entry and Exodus. Stop by BMIR between 12 pm and 4 pm daily to record promos for your events and happenings… tell the city what you’re up to!

Press & Media

Any commercial, editorial, or otherwise non-personal use of Black Rock City photos, video, or sound recordings is not permitted without prior written permission from Burning Man Project. All media professionals with intent to distribute content publicly (including art galleries, publications, or blogs) must register as professional media prior to the event and check in at Media Mecca. Participants sharing images for personal use are not required to register, but still must adhere to the Photo and Video Rights & Responsibilities and Burning Man Project’s ticket terms and conditions. It is your responsibility to ask for consent before taking a photograph of or video recording someone. Questions? Visit Media Mecca at Center Camp, or write pressatburningmandotorg for more info.

Airport & Pilot Policies

Black Rock City Municipal Airport is a temporary, private airport (FAA identifier 88NV). The Airport is operational from 6 am to 6 pm daily during the event. Passenger drop-offs and pick-ups are prohibited except by Mutant Vehicle or Airport Shuttle. Do not drive your vehicle to the Airport. Do not leave bikes at the Airport. To find the Airport, take 5:00 to L and follow the signs toward Point 5. Pilots wishing to fly to BRC must land at 88NV and comply with all Airport rules. All pilots must pre-register at All aircraft occupants must have a valid Burning Man ticket and pay the $60 per-person airport use fee. Will Call tickets can be picked up at the Airport between 7 am and 7 pm.

Earth Guardians

Earth Guardians inspire Burners to embrace Leaving No Trace and live more sustainably on and off the playa. If you have questions about sustainable camping or the Black Rock National Conservation Area, visit Earth Guardians on the Esplanade or check out their website at

Burn Gardens

Metal platforms for burning wood are located at Esplanade and 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00. From Sunday, September 1, at 10 am through Tuesday, September 3, Burn Gardens will be available for wood burning as well as donations of new and unused lumber. Wood only! No burning cardboard, paper, compost, recycling, or trash. Burning toxic and/or synthetic materials such as couches, stuffed furniture, rugs, PVC pipes, etc. is prohibited by law.

Recycle Camp

Pre-crush and sort your empty aluminum cans into a mesh bag (so they dry out!), then bring them to Recycle Camp between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday through Sunday, directly behind the Center Camp Café at 6:00. Come ride the CRUSHINATOR, our state of the ART bicycle-powered aluminum can-crushing machine. Come by early (don’t wait until the last day!), come by often (we have great fun!), but by all means come before 5 pm Sunday, or you’ll have to pack them out yourself. No plastic, tin, or steel please. All proceeds donated to Gerlach schools.

RV Servicing

There is no recreational vehicle dumping station in Black Rock City, and you may not dump on the playa. BLM issues citations for dumping or leaking gray or black water. You are responsible for preventing and remediating leaks. Catch leaks immediately with a five-gallon bucket. There is no location for scheduling RV servicing. If you see a truck designated “RV servicing,” you can flag it down. Many trucks are servicing infrastructure and not RVs, so be sure to look for the sign. The only vendor authorized to provide cash sales of pumping services is United Site Services. Note: pumping services only include removal of gray and black water — not a potable water fill. Use only one-ply toilet paper.

Telephone Service

In the interest of Immediacy (see the 10 Principles), cell phone use is highly discouraged in BRC. Luckily they don’t really work out there anyway. Limited cell service and public telephones are available in the town of Gerlach, 12 miles away.